Skiing and Other Snow Sports in Singapore

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Who says it’s impossible to enjoy skiing and other snow sports in Singapore? The Lion City may be enveloped by year-round hot and humid weather, but yes, there is snow in Singapore. This is made possible by the Snow City, a large complex where the temperature is a freezing -5 degrees Celsius. Officially opened in 2000, the Snow City has given local residents and tourists a chance to experience snow and enjoy various snow sports and games.

The facility uses a snow gun that produces 10 to 15 tons of snow every week to keep the ground covered with 400 millimeters of snow. The snow-producing technology involves a simple process. First, compressed air is used to atomize water. The water is then channeled toward the snow gun and is pushed to come out of its nozzles. At the same time, liquid nitrogen goes through the snow gun, quickly freezing the atomized water and producing snowflakes. It takes a ton of water and a ton of liquid nitrogen to make a ton of snow, which means 10 to 15 tons of water and liquid nitrogen are used each week. Thanks to this technology, the Lion City now has its own winter wonderland.

Aside from skiing and other snow sports in Singapore, you can enjoy some games. Snow City’s Snow Chamber has a three-storey high, 60-meter long slope where you can slide down on an inflatable tube. This activity is known as snow tubing, which is a favorite among families. Groups can also take part in Winter Olympics games. Winter Olympics is a fun program comprised of different snow games for both adults and children over 8 years old. The games are perfect as team building exercises. Those who want to host Winter Olympics games for their school or office can choose from a number of games and design the activity to meet their event objectives.

People who want to learn about skiing and other snow sports in Singapore can enrol in short courses in Snow Sport School, which is offered by Snowline. The school’s facilities are also found within the Snow City complex. Snow City snowboarding and skiing lessons are given by highly qualified professional instructors. The school offers an intermediate level Learn-to-Ski/Snowboard (LTS) course for beginners.

This program follows the standards from the Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors and the Canadian Ski Instructors’ Alliance. It teaches the students the essential principles and techniques for snowboarding and skiing. After the course, the students are expected to possess the basic skills for proper and safe snowboarding and skiing, which they can apply when they go to ski resorts outside the city-state.

The courses take 4 weeks to complete. You have a choice of participating in a group class with one instructor and 4 to 8 students or in private class setups of one instructor to one student, one instructor to two students, or one instructor to three students. Group classes are less expensive while one-to-one instruction is the most expensive. The classes include play sessions where students can have fun and practice their skills at the same time. Snow City provides a practical way for people to learn skiing and other snow sports in Singapore.

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