Weather in Singapore

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If you are wondering what the weather in Singapore is like, you will be pleased to know that the small city-state enjoys just one weather pattern throughout the year. Being situated near the equator, Singapore weather is predominantly sunny. It has no distinct seasons.

The city is often hot and humid, with the average daily temperature being 32 degrees Celsius from the months of February to November and 30 degrees Celsius from December to January. If you are used to cold temperatures, be prepared for the heat. It can get really hot in the daytime, and sometimes even at nighttime. Air-conditioning will be your best friend when you visit Singapore, and you will be pleased to see that most places – malls, restaurants, fitness centers, the MRT, and even the underground walkway – are all air-conditioned, as Singaporeans themselves do not like the heat.

One thing you must know about the weather in Singapore is that it rains almost every day. Short spurts of heavy rains lasting no longer than an hour interrupt the sunny weather, particularly in the afternoon. Occurrences like this happen more often during the months of November to January when the cold northeast monsoon blows over the city. Rainfall is greater during these months compared to the other months. Sometimes, the Lion City is also visited by thunderstorms. It is recommended that you bring an umbrella with you every time you go out to keep you dry from the bursts of rain in the afternoons and to keep you cool from the hot sun.

If you’re not used to hot weather, don’t stay out too long especially on your first day in Singapore. Give your body time to adjust to the new environment. Aside from an umbrella, it would be good to bring with you a small bottle of water wherever you go so you can stay hydrated during the day. Don’t forget to apply a good protection sunscreen (at least SPF 50) on your skin. Remember that Singapore is near the equator, and the rays of the sun are stronger in this region compared to others; your skin can burn easily if you don’t put on sunscreen. Wearing sunglasses outdoors to protect your eyes is also a good idea.

For the weather in Singapore, the best clothes to wear would be those made from light clothing materials. Choose clothes that will help ease the heat. Ladies can wear light dresses or a sleeveless top and shorts. Men can wear cotton shirts and shorts as well. However, be mindful of the places you go to, as some places have dress codes and do not allow sleeveless tops and shorts.

The weather in Singapore is perfect for spending a leisurely day at the beach in Sentosa Island. It is also good for going around the city, hopping from one mall to the next, taking a relaxing cruise along the Singapore River, taking a cable car ride to see the best views of the Lion City, visiting the Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom, or simply enjoying a romantic dinner outdoors.

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