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Zouk Singapore

If you’re up for some clubbing in the Lion City, there is no better place to go than Zouk Singapore. Established in March 1991, Zouk is unparalleled in all of Asia and is even considered as one of the world’s best clubs. The club has been featured in popular magazines like Vogue, Rolling Stones, Elle, [...]

Catch the Action at St. James Power Station

St. James Power Station is one of the most vibrant night clubbing spots in Singapore. It is also the largest. Sitting on an area of 70,000 square feet, this massive complex encompasses 11 different clubs that come alive at night, each having its own unique charm. The club’s building used to be a coal-fired power [...]

Snow City in Tropical Singapore

It’s true that the weather in Singapore is hot every day of the year because it is situated near the equator. However, you may be surprised to find that there is snow in the Lion City. Within Singapore’s Science Centre, you will find the city’s first indoor snow center, the Snow City. A project participated [...]

The Many Habitats in Singapore Zoo

Known as the world’s best rainforest zoo, the Singapore Zoo is sprawled over an area of 28 hectares and welcomes visitors both local and tourist every day from 8:30am to 6:00pm. What sets it apart from other zoos is its use of the open zoo concept. The animals live in a place where their natural [...]

Discover Singapore River

The Singapore River stretches for 11,000 meters. Starting at Kim Seng Bridge, it cuts through the Central Area, which is the city’s Central Business District and busiest region. Much of the city’s progress can be attributed to the presence of this river. A long time ago, the river served as the place where all commercial [...]

Singapore Botanic Gardens

Having been in existence for over 150 years, the Singapore Botanic Gardens possesses a beauty that catches the eye of tourists and locals alike. The original botanic garden was established by no other than Singapore’s founder, Sir Stamford Raffles, who himself was co-founder of the London Zoo and was an avid naturalist. However, there weren’t [...]

Sentosa Island: A Captivating Island Getaway

The famous Sentosa Island has a rich history. Its location was important in protecting the waters of Keppel Harbour, and that’s why some forts were built on it. The island then became a military fortress maintained by the British during World War II. When Singapore became independent in 1967, the island was used as a [...]

Things to Do in Orchard Road

One of the main tourist attractions in Singapore is Orchard Road. It is a one-way street located west of the Central Area. Back in the 1830s, there were orchards of fruits and nutmeg on both sides of the street, thus its name. It was not until the 1900s that the road and its vicinity were [...]

Discover Mount Faber

Mount Faber is a 106-meter hill situated beside Bukit Merah planning area in Singapore. Named after Captain Charles Edward Faber, it is the third highest hill found in Singapore, and it is covered by secondary forest growth. Providing an exquisite view of the Central Area panorama and other locations, the hill is a favorite stop [...]

Discover Marina Bay

Marina Bay refers to the reclaimed area that lies to the south of Singapore River. It encompasses the vicinity on the eastern side of Esplanade Drive and Shenton Way. The area, which occupies a total of 360 hectares, was envisioned to broaden Singapore’s downtown district and to attract new investments in the hope of furthering [...]

Little India: Big in Surprises

A very lively town found north of the city, Little India is pretty much what its name implies – a miniature of India. According to history, the place developed from a small group of convicts from Tamil, India who settled in the area. Eventually, the community grew and attracted other Indians from neighboring areas, becoming [...]